Precious playing soccer

Toni and her family took Precious home with them. Toni sent these pics to me showing that Precious is the dog of the neighborhood. Precious is playing soccer with the neighbor kids. Notice they are playing in the front yard. Precious is definitely focused on being in the game. Precious has a great loving home.



Precious on the fireplace

Toni sent this picture, Precious is the Princess of the house, and this is day one in her new home.



Precious making point with his new Daddy

Toni said “Soon as they arrived home, Precious knew how to make brownie points with her new Daddy, they are watching the game together.”

Connor with Lilly 7mo old



Connor, a 16 year old avid hunter, fisherman, and dog lover has one of my Labradoodles, Lilly. In this picture Lilly is 7 mos. old. Connor’s Dad tells me that Connor has trained Lilly to follow hand signals that he gives her. On this outing, Conner had downed 3 ducks, Lilly saw where one fell and retreived it. The other 2 ducks were blinds, Lilly did not see them go down, Connor had to direct Lilly to get the other two ducks by using hand signals. That is quite a feat for a young man and his 7 mo. old puppy.                                                             ……………….Way to go Conner…………