f2 Labradoodles


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Pictures of a new litter of f2 Labradoodles.

This litter of puppies was born on April 9, 2016.  Abby is the dam and Barney is the stud.  This is their 2nd litter and every single one of these pups are beautiful, smart, and adorable.


Piper, alias Susie Q has a new forever home. She is not too far from Mannford to the west. Her Mom is great and loves her a lot.  She is coming right along with her training.

f2 Harley on boat

Hi, my name is Harley, I’m a perfect gentlemen as you can see. I’m out this morning with my new family, we are taking a little trip around Shell Lake on a Kayak. This is so much fun, they take me with them everywhere. I have 1 siblings that is still waiting for her perfect forever home, like I have. If you want a wonderful, loving, talented, smart, pup you will need to check her out.










Puppies, off to the races

I love this picture, they are off to the races. They are really running fast. Leading is Pearl, behind her is the little guy we call “dip stick” see the white on the end of his tail, he was born with it so I think it is there to stay.


Oreo Puppies

I love, love this shot. Left to right is the curly black male that we call Moose, Dixie’s Pearl, and then Dip Stick (see the white on his tail) he also has 4 white feet and beautiful white markings on his chest and a little white goatee on his chin. 


Dip Stick

This is another shot of “Dip Stick”. He is one gorgeous little boy. He has a new home with a wonder lady in Tulsa.