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About “Bea”

Bea came to me as my first Pointing Lab. When she was 6 months old I found a trainer to get her ready for the hunt test she would become involved in.  I was active in her training from that point on. I spent several hours each day working with her under the direction of professional trainer, Tom McCool. Nearly every day Tom would say to me “You have no idea what you have!” Bea passed her CPR at 9 months old and was steady through wing, shot and kill. She has only gotten better from there.

Bea’s pedigree speaks for itself. She comes from a long line of pointing labs. Two of Bea’s littermates are Lockdown Labs Pipin’ Hot Arrowpoint “Piper” 2xGMPR and Arrowpoint Kenai Midnight Sun “Kenai” 4x GMPR.  Bea is a 2.5GMPR herself, she has also earned her CPR, APR, MPR, SHR, HR and working on her HRCH  in the UKC.  Bea’s sire is Wannamakers Hot Tubs GMPR SH and her dam is Jim’s Bearpoint Belle GMPR.  There are many more GMPRs, MPR, APRs and CPRs in her immediate lineage. Trainability, talent and intelligence are all in the genes.

Bea is a very sweet girl and terrific in the house. She loves kids, cats and other dogs. In the field, Bea is all business. She has a terrific nose, outstanding marking ability and a very staunch point. Tom was right; I had no idea what I had.  Bea is a terrific mother and her pups are fantastic! Besides all of those attributes she is beautiful.