About Us


Keystone Pointing Labs is a small operation and we are dedicated to breeding the best Pointing Labs and Labradoodles that will hunt, retrieve and most Doodles will Point like a Pointing Lab. Makes sense being as their moms are Pointing Labs. We focus on the quality of puppies that come from our breeding and those puppies are absolutely fabulous. They are good looking, smart. trainable, and very lovable.

Our Summer / fall puppies start off in air conditioned quarters and have a backyard swimming pool to start swimming in and a lake behind the house to romp in with their mom.

Our winter / spring puppies have heated living quarters and a back yard to play in. Of course they all get their daily walks in the wooded areas behind the house and to the lake. The puppies get accustomed to crates at a very early age, they love to get in their crates to sleep. Our Moms and their puppies get a lot of love and attention. The pups are well socialized by the time they leave us. Our puppies are vet cared for, home raised and pre-spoiled. What’s not to love when it comes to puppies?